South Island

I translated this poem from Slovenian to English. It is a well-known, beautiful poem in Slovenia, by Kajetan Kovič.
Kajetan Kovic: South Island
(translation by Jernej Barbic)

There is a south island. There is.
Far away in unknown sea
it is a dot on the horizon,
a shadow emerging out of fog.

Between the dawn and darkness
it rises out of white water.
And keeps coming back.
And instantly sinks to the bottom.

And sea is heavy with desire.
And salt is irritating the wound.
And there is a hunch that
the island does not exist.

That there are only covered shells
on the dark seabed,
and bitter olive branches
and swinging of the moss.

But the water opens,
and a strong star rises,
and a new ship arrives
and south island exists.

Jernej Barbič, Santa Monica, California, USA, november 2014